“It was wonderful to know you all professionally and personally as well.
Training was successful. Our entire team enjoyed activities and it was all possible because of friendly trainers. Best part was every activity had some learning at the end of it. We surely look forward for long-term relationship with Pinnacle.”

SR. HR Manager – VIL

“Thank you for conducting various soft skills training in our organisation during last two years. These have been quite beneficial for all participants to enhance their knowledge & skills. You have really helped us to achieve our Company Objectives & Goals.”

Ramesh Thakur
Manager – HR & Admin
Atotech India Ltd.

“Journey wid Abhishek started thru TNC with light notes but now he has become a vital part for our group companies for the enriched, resourceful trainings and the meticulous insight before the trainings which make it easier for the participants and trainer to get connected quickly all over the session”

Puneet Jain
Chief Manager – HRD, IT & Marketing , Golcha Group

“It was a privilege attending training programs of Professor Abhishek Tiwari. He is methodical, organized and very creative. His ability to connect people, inspire the audience and presentation skills are amazing. His fun, yet professional style creates a wonderful, stress-free learning environment.”

Pulkit Handa
AVP – Training Head (North India) – YES Bank

“Team PTDS has the ability to ensure that lectures and activities translate into effective and transferable learning”

Nishant Agrawal
Deputy Manager-Learning & Development
Sika India Pvt Ltd

“You bring with you a genuine concern for your clients which is very heartening. You also leave very deep imprints on the minds of the participants. I see you developing into a very great trainer”

Ali Sajid Husain
Senior Manager ( T&D ) NR
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd ( NR)

Our Approach

Approach – Identification

We look at training need identification as the most important part of the Client Engagement Process. Our advisors and research team through its expert panel of consultants, develops an effective and efficient TNA (Training Need Analysis) process. We invest considerable time and effort in understanding and identification of learners’ needs and defining alignment between training needs and business objectives. Varying with your organizational needs, budget and time factor, we adopt different tools like questionnaires, focus group techniques, observation tools, data analysis or a combination of these.


At PTDS we believe in the experiential training approach. We seek to encourage autonomy and empowerment in individuals through case studies, assignments, role-plays, games and exercises, simulations and ‘Action Plans’ in order to ensure practical and measured applications at the workplace.

Value creation

This is the most significant aspect of training wherein the actual benefit from the training is realized. We employ tools like questionnaires, 360° Feedback and collective data analysis to evaluate the training impact at 3 different levels: Reaction, Learning, and Action. This helps the organization realize the efficacy of the training intervention. These tools help the organization evaluate and retain individuals based on their core competencies.

Training Roadmap

Our training process is an iterative one, in which we constantly evolve for our clients. As businesses are dynamic so are the needs of the intervention. At PTDS, our thrust is on offering that dynamism to your organization. Hence a high level of customization is done starting from the needs assessment to the delivery. This process involves all levels of our training research team giving you the highest value for your requirements.

PTDS follows a unique approach to training. We see training from the perspective of a business case and try to get to the root of the problem. The focus is on the development of a strategic direction for the client. Once this direction is determined, the rest falls into place.

This roadmap enables PTDS Training Solutions to provide a holistic, comprehensive solution that takes into account the client’s unique culture, background, etc.. We sincerely follow the Learning Cycle approach given by David Kolb


Based on Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle